CoD Black Ops DS

As you all know, Call of Duty Black Ops is available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and also NDS.

If the game available on DS then why it’s not on PSP ? PSP have better graphics than DS right?

One of my friend ask me this question.

The reason why they don’t put Black Ops on PSP is because PSP only have one analog on the controller.

You cannot do aiming + shooting + moving only with one analog. So it’s hard for shooting (FPS) game to be on PSP.

Although there’s one Call of Duty title for PSP, which is CoD road to victory, this game is terrible.

While on DS, the touch panel works really well for shooting game, something that PSP dont have.

Other reason why they put Black Ops on DS is because Call of Duty title on nintendo DS is quite successful.

DS has many great FPS game, while PSP is more good for racing and fighting game.