crisis core: final fantasy 7

These are the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 PSP game guides

New Game :
Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted after the credits. Load your cleared saved game file to begin a new game with your previously earned items, gear, materia, and more.

Stat boost :
When you meet Hojo in the laboratory, talk to him once, then go to the glass pod near him and enter it. This is the pod in which Red XIII was trapped in Final Fantasy 7.

Once you enter, Hojo will lock you up and ask a few questions. Based on your answers, you will be given a stat boost by Hojo.

Defeating higher level Dual Horns :
In later missions you may encounter Dual Horns called Diceratops or Grand Horn. The Diceratops has Null Magic, so you must use physical attacks, but the Grand Horn is very difficult.

It has Null Magic and Null Physical, requiring you to wait for the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) to get you a combination. It is recommended you buy Zantetsuken Materia and level it up to the maximum.

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