Blitz The League 2 PS3 cheats

These are Blitz the league 2 cheat codes for sony PS3

Blitz The League 2 touchdown celebrations
Enter one of the following codes after scoring a touchdown to perform the corresponding celebration. Note: Some celebrations must be unlocked through game play before they can be used. An error message will appear if they are used too early.

Air Traffic: Press Square, Triangle, Square, Circle.
Back It Up: Press Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle.
Ball Spike: Press X(3), Circle.
Beer Chug: Press X(2), Circle(2).
Clothesline: Unknown.
CPR: Press Triangle(2), Circle(2).
Dance Fever: Press Triangle(3), X.
En Garde: Press Circle(3), Square.
Get Down: Press Circle, X, Circle, Triangle.
Golf Putt: Press X, Square, Triangle, Circle.
Grenade: Press X, Square, Circle, Triangle.
Gunslinger: Press X(2), Circle, X.
Hand Exchange: Press Circle(2), Square, X.
Helmet Fling: Press X, Square, X, Square.
Knighted: Press X(2), Triangle, Square.
Knockout: Press Square(2), Triangle(2).
Man Crush: Press Square(3), Triangle.
Nut Shot: Press Triangle(2), Circle, X.
Pinned: Press Triangle, Square, Circle, X.
Proposal: Press Circle, Square, Circle, X.
Pylon Darts: Press X, Circle, X, Circle.
Pylon Kick: Press Circle, X(2), Circle.
Tango: Press Triangle, Square, X, Square.
The Fiddler: Press Triangle, Square(2), Triangle.
The Pooper: Press Triangle, Square, X, Circle.

Game Information

Blitz The League 2
Genre Sports
Developer Midway Games
Publisher Midway Games
Platform PS3, Xbox 360
ESRB Mature (M)
Release October 2008